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Daddy Dearest. :iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 2
as I look beyond the shadows of doubt,
                                        shadows of fear,
                                                 shadows of lies and hate,
            i realize you here with me
                          walking thru the dangerous path
          guiding me thru the dark forests
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 2
so clean... by mildlyphycotic so clean... :iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 4 kisses are always nice... by mildlyphycotic kisses are always nice... :iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 4 my id by mildlyphycotic my id :iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 1
dream..all dreams
[he sits there wispering sweet nothings into her ear and she believes him]
telling me things i want to believe
not seeing the warning signs of it all ending
once this is over it will all be a dream...all dreams
[wraps his arms around her, telling her he loves her]
doing things i want to do
not seeing the true you behind the mask
once this is over it will all be a dream..all dreams
[she stands by his side through the worst times]
being there for you
not letting my guard up....yes my guard is down for you so please dont hurt me
once this is over it will all be a dream...all dreams
[at the site of something else he leaves]
it is over
like i said...when it is over it will all be a dream...all dreams
[goes to sleep]
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 1 0
i do
sitting here talking to you,
sitting there me wish i was with you,
sitting there calling me your baby,
(oh ask me what i long for you to ask)
telling me how much you love me,
telling me how you want me,
telling me im the one,
(oh ask me, i know you want to)
asking me if i love you,
asking me if i will drop everything for you,
asking me if i will...marry you,
(oh my god you asked me!)
i... i ponder,
i... i cry joyfully,
i... i do.
its all just a dream...
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 1 2
it would be better to just stay silent,
it would be better to just say nothing,
it would be better than to hear:
stupid words
empty promises
thoughtless thoughts
lies.....all lies.....
such a beautiful thing...
nothing to hear
nothing to hurt
nothing to fear
better than words heard..silence
then even silence can turn on u
no sound
not peaceful anymore
driving you crazy
wanting to hear a word uttered
missing your voice
missing what you once said
but now...because of me
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 1 0
untitled 4
love me                                     hate me
hug me                                      yell at me
kiss me                                      hit me
do me                                       screw me (over)
cuddle me  
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 0
human emotions
feelings we have at any point in time through out life,
at times they may run wild
trying to stop emotions
stop the filling of our voids
it wont matter where you are
or what your doing
or even who you are with
having a mind of its own
coming across stronger than anything
fleeting your mind
feeding your heart
part of human life
part of any life
part of every life
human emotions.
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 0
i just dont get it...
tug at my heart
tell me lies
make me believe you
i just dont get it...
why the torment on my heart?
why rip out my soul?
why...JUST WHY?!
i just dont get it...
dont talk
dont try an explain it
just leave me be for now
i just dont get it...
you said the right things
you did the right moves
you... you said you loved me
i just dont get it...
why didnt you just slash my throat?
it would have ended quicker.
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 1 2
nothing more than a feeling
a feeling i have at this very moment
the pit fall feeling
not knowing
not being able to trust anyone
not expecting the unexpected
what to do about it?
im not sure
there isnt anything to do besides wait it out
someone help me?
:sits in the corner and cries:
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 0
i feel...nothing
i feel...nothing
no pain
no sorrow
u stripped my soul
my body shivers
my soul aches...
but truly i feel nothing
my mind thinks it is so
my heart tells me so...
but i block it out
i wont let myself feel it
i put up these walls so i cant feel
like padded walls
i cant hurt myself
slits ur wrists if u must
i dont
i feel nothing
just to see blood...
isnt worth it....
is it worth it
i feel nothing
death can come...
i feel... nothing
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 2
                      Finding the one,
                       your soulmate,
         isnt as hard as once precieved...
  Right under your nose with out warning someone captures your breath,
             "Warm Fuzzies,"
                       if you will,
fill your heart eachtime you even fathom the thought of that one person...
        Voids in your life are filled with the unconditional love from them...
    A true angel sent from the Heavens to grow old with,
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 1 1
1000 nights
1000 nights can pass
i will still feel the same,
1000 nights alone
i will still know,
1000 nights w/o your warm embrass
w/o your sweet kiss,
1000 nights knowing
the day will come,
1000 nights soon enough will end
we will be together,
1000 nights will soon turn into that one perfect day
we become one,
1000 nights is nothing for true love.
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 0 2
how do i say this...
  how do i say this...
these words are complex
theyve been said to me and not meant
how do i say this...
so easy to think
so hard to say
how do i say this...
i want to be with you
i want to have u hold me
how do i say this...
i dont know if and when we'll meet
but when we do
know my words are true
and that...
how do i say this...
i love you.
:iconmildlyphycotic:mildlyphycotic 1 4


Mature content
The Sickened Saucy Santa :icondukeofdice:DukeofDice 1 41
Sadness the Disease
20 years have a I walked,
weapt and laughed,
loved and lost,
lost in love,
I have changed,
for the good,
for the better,
in sadening ways,
through troubled days,
asking not for the love,
but the reasons,
not all from above,
I embrace your words,
kind and caring,
cold and away,
nothing i can do,
will make you stay,
say it one more time,
I love you,
with a shine.
Strong is the will,
of which must grow,
the love,
the bond,
the featherless pillow,
pills for the pain only gets me so far,
dead to listen,
not knowing where you are,
baby no more tears,
we shed them to much,
I guess our love is not enough,
I cannot lose,
what I have lost to have,
I miss you.
Why do you question,
what I have sworn to prove,
is it the notions,
the friendly know it all news,
follow your heart,
for I cannot lead,
but ask it of me baby,
in a heartbeat,
I'll let you breath,
and see.
:icondukeofdice:DukeofDice 3 28
Mature content
Masterful Damnation :icondukeofdice:DukeofDice 4 15
Hasselen Harry
Gather round my little ones
for a tale twice as old
about a furry little hero
whos heart was thrice as bold
teeth were sharp as razors
and the strength of men ten fold
could stand against a tazer
while you poke him in the balls,
with all the books from all the shelves
could you guess this warriors name
or from a picture painting even
could you know this soldiers mane
he's Harry Pig of the piglet clan
his name reads loud and true
but you know what
if you pick him up
he'll go potty all over you.
:icondukeofdice:DukeofDice 3 20
Mature content
Promises :iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 0 2
Fragile by neeta Fragile :iconneeta:neeta 4,852 1,713
Love Scene pt 2
She glanced about, feeling separated from him, the man who her heart belonged to, the love of her life, but an instant later, a dark shadow flitted across her vision, almost teasingly, a tantalising glimpse of something else, then a pair of arms encircled her waist, gently and lovingly, and a voice murmured in her ear,
"Miss me?"
"Of course I did,"
She replied, a lilting laugh in her voice. Lips brushed her ear softly, and she turned in the man's embrace, and lightly kissed his lips, feeling the warm tang of him, the indefinable presence and essence of him. She could see warmth and love dancing in his eyes, those steel blue eyes that pierced through a man's soul when he was angry, but at the moment, they radiated calm, passionate love for her. She kissed him again, this time more than a light brushing, but more of a moist, tender kiss, one that made her head swim and made her want more than that. Gently, she hugged him, and slid her fingers up his back, feeling the hard smoothness of h
:iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 0 7
Mature content
Starry Night :iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 2 17
My Dreams
On this morning of mornings,
I ask not to wake,
for the pain overtakes me,
and it's hurt I cannot shake,
I remember your voice,
no other in the world,
it calmed me like a drug,
the mother of pearl,
I remember the words,
sung not spoken,
silver bells,
shattered hells,
a heart not broken,
I remember the laugh,
a joy from above,
it caressed my rough skin,
like the kiss of a dove,
it brought me higher,
to the skies above,
and set me back down,
a cloud full of love,
I remember the tears,
of the little girl inside,
always asking for the answers,
but not afraid to hide,
a girl with a fist,
and a heart full of a pride,
I remember the way,
the way I loved you,
like no other can have,
no other can hold,
not God,
nor the Devil could uphold,
you always won,
as you're doing now,
I cannot shake this feeling,
that I fucked up somehow,
a spirit hear me,
hear my cry,
hear me now,
grant me a night of sleep,
in peace,
a way to cope with this disease,
a disease no doctor,
or kiss can pleas
:iconthehaterreborn:TheHaterReborn 5 9
Alone I stand,
under the whispering willow,
the tears of it's time,
make for a comforting pillow,
with the hope of thy life,
I stand one more day,
to walk stronger against danger,
and in no other way,
forgive me,
my love,
and kiss my worried soul,
cleanse it of the wickeds taint,
and fill my heart a whole,
caress my skin,
so hard and so dry,
make it smooth again,
I forbid you to lie,
about the dreams of my mind,
and the horrors I have seen,
of a most evilish kind,
but if you grant me one wish,
on this most glorious day,
I would fall in love with you,
in the most spectacular of ways.
:iconthehaterreborn:TheHaterReborn 2 6
Mature content
She Screams My Name :iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 1 1
Damn my situation
And the games I have to play
With all my love caught in a trap away from you
Damn my education
I can't find the words to say
All my feelings for you
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life
In the prime of your life
I just need more time
To make things right
Yes I need more time
Just to make things right
To be there with you
So don't go away
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life
In the prime of your life
Cold and frosty morning
Words fumble, and play
There's not a lot I can say
About the love I feel for you
That I haven't already repeated
Ten thousand times before
Say what you say
Say that you'll stay
Forever and a day
In the time of my life
In the prime of your life
I wanna be there
When you're coming down
And I wanna be there when you hit the ground
So don't go away
Don't leave me stranded,
In the prime of our lives
:iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 1 4
Some Might Say
Some might say
Memories are constant
Like itches beneath my skin
Never truly do let go
Some might say
That they're begging me for their attention
Of shattered dreams
And broken promises
Some might say
That they cut deeper than any knife
Drill deeper than any oilrig
Some might say
I'm just living a lie, that I should be strong
And some might say
They don't believe in heaven
Go and tell that to the man
Who lives in Hell
Some might say
That sunshine always follows thunder
Go and tell it to the man who cannot shine
And some might say
That memories are all I have
But then again
We all know what some might say
:iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 1 10
All Your Dreams
All your dreams are made
When you're chained to your pain
And you're about to die
Paint me a wish on a velvet sky
Then just burn it to the ground
Watching my dreams fly
Whilst crumbling to ash,
You demand answers from me, as to how this happened
But I don't know why,
There is no time,
For me to be free
Just gotta move on by
I'm older than I wish to be
This town holds no more for me
All my life, just looking for a reason why
I don't care for your attitude
You bring me down, degrade me, I think you're rude
Shooting my dreams down from the sky
It's all too much for me to take
It's hard enough being alone
I just want to lay down and die
I try to find another way
All my life, I just tried to make a better day
Chained to the ground; I cannot fly
When we were young
I used to hold the key
Life used to mean something to mean, but I can't remember why
I knew exactly what I wanted to be
But you've barricaded every door
And killed my freedom, killed my sky
While we're living
The dreams we have as
:iconbourne-supremacy:Bourne-Supremacy 3 7
Mature content
Hater Of Worlds v2 :iconthehaterreborn:TheHaterReborn 2 8
DICTIONARY: Community Project
abandonedpyro ( a-ban-oned-py-ro) deviant. 1. A raft without a paddle. 2. A Pessimist at heart. 3. One that is too loud, over opinionated and emotional. 4. Warning Contents are highly flammable.
Agonhotep (ah-gun-hoe-tepp) idol 1. A deviant surfacing in the late 2003 best known for his witty poetry and emoticons. 2. Wielder of the Almighty Pink Tie. 3. A total babe magnet, although the shyest thing you'll ever encounter. v. 1. To hug or glomp something relentlessly. n. 1. A sound, usually a high pitched screech resembling "Eee!"
akanah (uk-ann-hah) something improper, possibly a noun
1. One who freely mingles wisdom with absurdity. 2. Rarely serious; pertaining to sarcasm. 3. Of the colour blue. 4. Having a poor sense of self preservation. 5. A grown-up lady who cusses and has done it with boys.
Synonyms: honest, obstinate, impertinent, crass, delusional, childish, but above all- entertaining
:iconagonhotep:Agonhotep 80 143



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i am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!! i am leaving tomorrow to see a fellow DA'er :D:D:D :sigh: i am soo happy i cant wait!!!!!! im going to be gone till the 15th and i hope i have the best time..i know i will!!! well i wont keep u nemore! wish me luck! i love u all! espically u BJKj. u know who u r! :kiss:


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